In golden October of autumn which is a happy and hopeful season, fragrance of harvest is everywhere.  At 7:30 on 10th Nov. 2020, 2019 annual reward meeting of Goldpro was grandly held under shining of the morning. All staffs of Goldpro were gathered together to enjoy the exciting moment.


       Conference was started with laughing, applause and harvest after devotion. Power was full of Goldpro factory when all staffs were reading company culture together which showed Goldpro people’s momentum and power.


       On the occasion of the annual meeting held by Goldpro in 2020, Contribution Award, Dedication Award and Outstanding front-line production staff Award were awarded. Travel was taken as the reward for their reputation. During Spring Festival in 2020, due to Covid-19 suddenly happened, combined with recent outbreak of continuous repeated at home and abroad, plan of travel reward couldn’t be realized. Company changed it to other pattern which is better and more practical. It allowed staffs who were dedicated themselves to company to enjoy achievement and theory of company’s employee base which was thinking from employee’s interest.

△ 钢诺新材料股份有限公司总顾问为奉献奖员工颁奖

The general consultant of Goldpro New Materials Co., Ltd. presented awards to the staff

△ 钢诺新材料股份有限公司国际贸易部经理为奉献奖员工颁奖

The manager of International Trade Department of Goldpor New Materials Co., Ltd. presented awards to the staff

△ 获得“奉献奖”的员工

The employees who receive the "Contribution Award"


       The development of the company is inseparable from the strong support of the old employees. They have joined Goldpro since the establishment of the factory in 2010, rooted in Goldpro, ten years of perseverance, ten years of silent dedication, and ten years as a day. They have dedicated their beautiful years to Goldpro, and have witnessed the company from the birth, to the rise, to the growth! The general consultant and the Manager of the International Trade Department of Goldpro New Materials Co., Ltd. presented awards to the 18 employees who received the award.They are: Yin Wenxing, Li Hailiang, Zhang Jianqun, Li Haimei, Zhai Zhentang, Zhao Haiping, Gao Hongmin, Li Huizheng, Wang Chengke, Feng Hongguang, Fan Yue-bin, Shan Xiangmei, Shan Sumei, Feng Lina, Xu Junbing, Ma Xuxun, Zhang Bao-ming, Zhang Lichao.The reward is a tablet .

△ 获得“优秀生产一线员工奖”的员工

The Employees who have won the award of "Excellent Front-line Production Staff"


       The seemingly ordinary work on the production line, they work silently in their posts day after day, they are hard-working, proactive, and willing to help others, and have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary work!The 10 employees who won the award are: Ma Aike, Bao Guoyin, Zheng Zhitao, Yang Yahui, Jiao Fayuan, Li Wengang, Sun Xingping, Yin Diangang, Shi Yanchao and Zhang Hongling.The prize is an  electric bicycle.

△ 钢诺新材料股份有限公司董事长冯红喜为贡献奖员工颁奖

Feng Hongxi, Chairman of  Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd presented the award to the staff of Contribution Award

△ 获得“贡献奖”的员工

The staffs of Contribution Award


       In the process of market development and customer development, they used their wisdom and perseverance to win customers' unwavering confidence in the cooperation of Goldpro again and again.They strive to broaden sales channels and steadily promote marketing work, so sales performance has improved significantly, and they have made a positive contribution to the company's development!Feng Hongxi, Chairman of  Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd presented the award to the staff of Contribution Award.The award-winning staff are: Chen Song, Guocheng Tao, Feng Lina, Ning Xiaofeng. And the prize is a mobile phone.


       After the award ceremony, Feng Xingwei, Manager of Human Resources Department of Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd announced the employee incentive measures during the expedited production period and the latest salary adjustment plan.Manager Feng introduced the main content of the incentive measures, such as the scope of personnel involved, the adjustment range of the base number of seniority and wages, and special incentive measures.This adjustment plan implements the improvement of employee benefits and further improves and mobilizes the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees.


       Finally, Feng Hongxi, Chairman of  Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd  made an important speech.He emphasized that this adjustment of seniority wages is only one aspect of the company's improvement of employee benefits. In the future, allowances for employees' academic qualifications, degrees, and professional titles will be adjusted accordingly. This fully embodies the company's adjustment policy of focusing on symmetrical income and contribution, balancing benefits and fairness, and combining reality with the future.At the same time, he also said that this award-honoring conference is not only a fulfillment of the award-winning employee's reward promise, but also a gratitude and reward to all employees who have worked hard and contributed to Goldpro.He hopes that everyone will use this reward and redemption conference as a spur and encouragement to employees, and fully embody the cultural concept of "let the struggler be the beneficiary" in every employee!


       As an excellent private enterprise, Goldpro New Material Co., Ltd. has been developing in the wind and rain for ten years, it is inseparable from the general manager's foresight and the hard work of the employees.Through this rewarding meeting, Goldpro will surely emerge more outstanding employees who love their jobs, work hard, and stick to their original intentions in the future development. They will work hand in hand with Goldpro to create a more brilliant future with stronger will and firm belief.